Ashley Baker - Life & Wellness Coach


"Ashley helped me realize that I needed to quit hanging on to the stories of why I couldn't do something. My life was SO stagnate. She woke me up! I'm grateful to her and am inspired to keep growing!!! Thank you." - Melissa M.

"Insecurity is something I've struggled with my whole life. Ashley shared her own struggles which allowed me to open up more about mine. She listened. I became aware of all I was missing out on." -Allison

"I can't tell you how much ease she brings to my anxiety - a true listener and innate empath."

"Hell of a workout with bad-ash coach Ashley Baker! She definitely makes you bring your all!"

"Back from vacation and trying to get into a routine again. Thanks for pushing me Coach Ashley! You're my inspiration!"

"I was completely mentally, physically and emotionally out of it. Definitely not my best workout ever, but still wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Ashley Baker for pushing me and helping me grow, not only in fitness, but as a person. Your compassion for people is truly inspiring. Thank you for your awesome talks and sweet hugs. You're the best and I love you!"

"A huge shout out to this gem [Ashley Baker] for pushing me and teaching me to love the skin I am in!"

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